As a leading specialist for beverage supply and production of fruit juice- and beverage concentrates, the highest level of quality is the ambition of the Wolfgang Jobmann GmbH. Since 1938 the brand ORANKA has tradition. We develop and produce in premium quality “made in Germany” and set international standards with our patented ORANKA beverage system.

Luftaufnahme des ORANKA Betriebsgeländes

ORANKA erste Abfüllanlage

Getränke-Ausleiferung an der Schlei, Schleswig Holstein

The ORANKA history

Today ORANKA continues to grow. The ORANKA beverage assortment convinces with a larger variety of the highest quality and with gentle manufacturing. Almost 30 gold and silver medals of the DLG e.V. (German Agricultural Association) as well as ten bronze medals and the Superior Taste Award for our organic fruit juices underline the success of our sustainable optimization processes and our high product requirements.

2017 Market launch of ORANKA Vital fruit drinks with vitamin D. Our innovative Vital products are aligned to the natural human needs and combine selected fruits, valuable vitamins and the mineral zinc in a functional way to a particularly refreshing, low-calorie and tasteful experience.

2016 Wolfgang Jobmann GmbH receives the federal honorary award of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the DLG e.V. certifies our beverage concentrates an "excellent product quality".

2015 Market launch of the innovative ORANKA fruit nectars with Stevia. They contain more fruit and less sugar than conventional nectars.

2014 The ORANKA beverage concentrates again win various gold, silver and bronze medals of the DLG e.V. (a total of 31 awards, of which 10 x gold).

2013 In accordance with article 29 (1) of Regulation EU 834/2007, Wolfgang Jobmann GmbH is a certified producer of organic fruit drinks (DE Öko 001) and becomes “Leading Company” for outstanding customer service.

2012 The ORANKA beverage concentrates win gold, silver and bronze medals of the DLG e.V.

2009 Expansion of the head office in Reinbek. Additional staff leads to an even better service for our customers.

2005-2007 Expansion of production and warehouse facilities based on strong customer demand.

1988-today The ORANKA beverage system is constantly being improved. Numerous patents are being developed and issued. The brand ORANKA expands rapidly and conquers new markets.

1988 Acquisition by Wolfgang Jobmann GmbH.

1971 The success requires more space. Relocation to Reinbek and new building.

1962 Relocation to Hamburg.

1949 The company ORANKA is founded in Schleswig. In those days "ORANKA-The Fabulous" is well known in Northern Germany

1938 Registration of the trade mark ORANKA